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What Is the Best Alternative to a CPAP Machine?

July 25, 2022

Man frustrated by CPAP, interested in oral appliance therapy in Melbourne

When someone is diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), they are usually provided with a CPAP machine. These machines use pressurized air to help patients rest without interruptions to their breathing. Unfortunately, while CPAP devices are effective, they have some significant downsides. Many people find them to be inconvenient and uncomfortable. Are you looking for an alternative way to address your OSA? Let’s talk about why oral appliance therapy in Melbourne may be perfect for you.


Can Sleep Apnea Cause Blindness?

July 20, 2022

Man struggling with vision problems and sleep apnea in Boca Raton

Throughout the U.S., millions of people are afflicted by blindness or severe vision impairment. For some of these individuals, cataracts, an accident, or another unfortunate circumstance led to their disability. For others, however, the root cause of their vision problems is diabetic retinopathy. Certainly, making efforts to manage their condition can help diabetics to reduce their risk of blindness. An additional step they can take is to get high-quality sleep. This blog post discusses the link between eye problems in individuals with diabetes and sleep apnea in Boca Raton.


Will Raising the Head of My Bed Reduce Sleep Apnea?

July 2, 2022

Couple shopping for adjustable bed to reduce sleep apnea in Vero Beach

Are you looking to reduce your symptoms of sleep apnea in Vero Beach without resorting to a cumbersome and noisy CPAP machine? Doing things like losing weight, cutting back on alcohol, and quitting smoking could certainly help. Your sleeping position can also play a large role in the quality of your sleep. Let’s discuss whether raising the head of your bed can facilitate easier nighttime breathing. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of other sleep positions.


I Snore — Does that Mean I Need a Sleep Study?

June 19, 2022

Snoring man, may need sleep testing in Melbourne

Snoring is a problem that afflicts millions of people. For some, it is an occasional annoyance. For others, it indicates a serious sleep disorder, such as obstructive sleep apnea. If you snore, how can you tell which category you fit into? Do you need to undergo sleep testing in Melbourne? Let’s discuss a few factors to consider when you are deciding whether to schedule a sleep study.


A Brief Guide to Anti-Snoring Devices

June 14, 2022

Man snoring, could benefit from anti-snoring device in Boca Raton

If you struggle with chronic snoring, you should certainly seek a solution. Treatment is even more important if your snoring is a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Fortunately, for most patients, the best way to end their snoring is as simple as the use of an anti-snoring device in Boca Raton. Let’s discuss some popular types of devices.


Is It Normal to Snore Every Night?

June 5, 2022

Snoring man in bed with wife, may have sleep apnea in Vero Beach

Most people snore at least once in a while. It can happen when they are extra-tired, when they consume alcohol too close to bedtime, or when their sinuses are congestion due to a cold or allergies. That type of snoring usually doesn’t indicate a deeper health problem. But what if you snore every night? It could mean that you have sleep apnea in Vero Beach. Let’s discuss what causes snoring, the dangers of nightly snoring, and how treatment can help.


The Link Between Sleep Apnea and a Low Heart Rate

May 25, 2022

Chest of man with sleep apnea and low heart rate

There is no question that the heart is one of the most vital parts of the human body. Unfortunately, heart problems are a leading cause of death in the United States. It is important that you do everything you can to protect this precious muscle! Let’s talk about how the quality of your sleep is linked to heart health. Specifically, we’ll discuss the connection between sleep apnea and a low heart rate.

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