Trouble with Snoring? These Common Remedies Might Help

May 28, 2021

Partner complaining about snoring? If yes, do not dismiss the problem as a minor annoyance that may go away on its own. Taking action to stop the snoring could help your partner enjoy more restful sleep, and you could experience some significant health benefits. Let’s talk about some common snoring treatments that might be able to help alleviate symptoms.

Nose Cones

A nose cone is a small rubber or plastic device that fits inside the nostrils to keep the nasal passages open. While nose cones are an affordable over-the-counter option, they do not work for everyone and they may fall out at night. Additionally, many people find that the cause of their snoring is not related to nasal congestion, but rather, it is caused by problems with the tissues in the throat – something that cannot be treated with nose cones.

Nose Strips

A nose strip is attached to the nose via a mild adhesive. Each end is placed on a nostril to keep the nasal passages open. These may work for temporary snoring caused by allergies or other illnesses associated with nasal congestion. However, they are not the best solution to address long-term snoring issues that originate in the throat.

Supplements or Essential Oils

Beyond topical treatments, your doctor might recommend a particular supplement to help you cope with sleep issues. For example, melatonin or valerian root might help. If you choose to use supplements, be sure to research how they might interact with any other medications you take or if they carry risks for individuals with any medical conditions that you may have.

Essential oils have proven helpful for some people who snore. Eucalyptus can play a role in breaking up mucus in the throat and nose, and inhaling peppermint may open the nasal passages. Thyme also has some respiratory benefits.

Lifestyle Adjustments

You may be able to adopt some daily habits to reduce snoring. For example, reducing your alcohol or caffeine intake may help. Performing a deep-clean of your bedroom to get rid of allergens can reduce irritation in your airway. If you are carrying some extra weight, diet and exercise to shed those excess pounds can reduce pressure on your upper airway and facilitate better sleep.

Oral Appliance Therapy

The above described snoring remedies may help to an extent, but really, the best way to conquer snoring is with the guidance of a qualified sleep medical professional. You might even have an undiagnosed sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea, that is related to your snoring. A custom-fit oral appliance, which is designed to prevent tissues in the throat from hindering the free flow of air while you sleep, may be just what you need to cope with sleep apnea and its related snoring.

 Do you snore? The above-listed remedies may help both you and your partner sleep better every night. Seek out a trusted sleep medicine expert to help you get on the path to better sleep for both you and your partner.

Meet the Author

Dr. Kenneth Mogell, a board-certified specialist in sleep medicine with over 10 years of experience treating sleep breathing disorders is the practice’s founder and primary practitioner. The practice has three South Florida locations: Boca Raton, Melbourne, and Vero Beach. To learn more about Florida Dental Sleep Disorders and Dr. Kenneth Mogell, contact our team at 844-294-7559.