Keep Your Oral Appliance Clean with These 5 Easy Tips

June 13, 2023
Hand placing oral appliance into denture cleansing solution

Your oral sleep appliance can help you breathe easier at night and allow you to enjoy improved health. But if it is not kept clean, it could do more harm than good. It might accumulate unpleasant odors and even become a breeding ground for bacteria. What steps can you take to keep your oral appliance clean? Follow these easy tips:

Brush and Floss Your Teeth

As you eat and drink throughout the day, plaque and bacteria collect on your teeth. If you do not stick to a good oral hygiene routine, those substances can easily transfer to your oral sleep appliance. Plus, the dark, wet environment within your appliance could allow bacteria to multiple and lead to oral health problems down the road. Therefore, you should thoroughly brush your teeth and floss before you place your oral appliance in your mouth.

Rinse Your Appliance

Give your appliance a quick rinse each night before you place it in your mouth. This can help to get rid of bacteria, dust, and other particles that might have collected on it throughout the day.

Brush Your Appliance Each Morning

Just like you brush your teeth each morning, you should also brush your oral appliance. Use a soft-bristled brush along with either clear soap or toothpaste. Do your best to clean all the little nooks and crannies, and pay special attention to any areas where the appliance can be adjusted.

Give Your Appliance Some Air

After you finish brushing your appliance, place it in its storage case, but do not close it right away. Rather, let it breathe for a while. Exposure to the air will help it dry completely. If you fail to give your appliance enough fresh air, bacteria, yeast, and mold become much more likely to grow on it.

Soak Your Appliance

Once a week or so, you should use a denture cleansing tablet to give your appliance a good soak. The deep cleaning action of the denture solution will help to get rid of any bacteria that were missed during your daily cleaning routine. After it finishes soaking, be sure to rinse and dry it thoroughly.

It takes just a few minutes each day to keep your oral appliance clean and fresh. Your efforts will extend the lifespan of your device and help you to enjoy a healthy smile!

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